Headache course

Every year, third and fourth year, neurology residents are brought together to learn from canadian experts and guest speakers during a 3 day course.  In 2018 the course will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Montreal from October 26 – 28, 2018. The schedule is still being completed and we will update you once its online.

Travel grants 

The next International Headache Congress will take place in Vancouver.
CHS offers 2 grants for 1500$ to a resident who would submit an abstract for the congress (deadline for submission is March 6th 2017 ).

Headache Forum

You have a question? you saw a difficult case?
Join our Headache Forum where experts can provide advice and guidance.
As a resident, you do not need to pay membership fees.

Preceptorship and rotations

Are you interested to organize a headache rotation? Would you like to attend a Botox clinic? Are you curious about research in the headache field? Please contact us and we’ll help you to find a center who can provide a teaching opportunity.


The Canadian Headache Society is proud to support the Canadian Headache Fellowship program.

Headache fellowships in Canada are available in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Prospective fellows may also approach headache specialist(s) in other Canadian Centres to complete a fellowship.    
The fellowship stipend is $70 000 for one year of training.  
We invite interested neurology residents and other qualified individuals to apply for the fellowship.


International Headache Academy

The International Headache Society holds each year an event targeting future researchers in headache medicine. To access this 3 day high-level course you will need to contact us directly for more information.


Our experts have selected papers that you may want to read. Those are reviews of high quality on a vast array of headache-related topics.