The Canadian Headache Society works toward better headache care for Canadians.

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Headache disorders are the most common neurological disorders. Migraine is the third most common disorder in the world. Despite this very high prevalence and the incredibly high socio-economic burden that these conditions impose on our society, migraine and other head pains are neglected, underdiagnosed, under-treated and under-taught.

Our projects:

  • We organize the annual National Neurology Resident Headache Course
  • We fund fellowship programs
  • We publish guidelines
  • We collaborate with Choosing Wisely
  • We manage a website for patients
  • We manage and maintain a Facebook page
  • We recently created a Headache Forum to allow collegial discussion on headache topics

We are very conscious that the American Headache Society is providing both a congress and a journal to its members.

But still, millions of Canadians suffer from headaches. We have a different health care system. We may have different ways to treat. Patients may have different preoccupations and questions. We need to train our future colleagues.

For these reasons we strongly believe that maintaining an active society for headache in Canada is essential. Thank you for your support!


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